Printing HD Photos: 4 Tricks of the Modern Printing Era

Printing HD Photos: 4 Tricks of the Modern Printing Era

With millions of photographers around the world, you might think there are already too many people for a single room of art. But actually, inspiration and creativity are limitless. You can make use of the modern technology this era can offer to make the best results you can give whether to your editors or bosses. Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc., where clients are referred by their printing presses, writers and editors for wholesale printing press machines in Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY, gives you our top 4 tricks on how you can show them the best of your photos.

Know the direct printing options

Most people overlook the idea of transferring the images from the camera to an external drive and actually printing from the camera. If you notice in studios or printing presses, they use the camera as their external drive.

This is because when printing takes place directly from the camera which includes the cards, USB keys in this context and memory; it yields a significantly different result in terms of quality of different colors, retention of detail and shading.

  • Be familiar with your printer’s features

    You should know about your printer’s features. You might not know that printer can also have their own set of features that might change the quality of your photo. Let’s take a look at the subcategories under the printers’ features:

    • Auto-fix

      Prominent brands and standard inkjets have variations of an “automatic fix feature” which can analyze images and may alter several settings at once. This includes the gamma, brightness, contrast and even red-eye reduction.

      Its sole aim is to improve but each one of us has a unique desire while this printer only has its standards to be reached; hence, it usually is said to create more harm than good. If your printing has this feature, you might as well turn it off.

    • Editing

      Your devices can range from the basics like cropping, adjusting the brightness etc. to adding graphics and frames. For more information about your printer features, you can inquire to Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc., your provider of wholesale printing press machines in Plunkett St., Hollywood, FL

  • Editing
    • Edit copies, not originals

      It is better to keep the originals especially if you want to give out several variations from minor tweaks to advanced special effects. It is indeed safer to create copies first before saving a file to accidentally overwrite the edited version. After then, you may feel free to experiment.

    • Check photos before printing

      Previewing photos before printing might let your check how it would appear once it’s printed. In this way, you can adjust both big and small details to improve your photo.

  • Experiment with different papers

    As stated in the previous articles, there is some printing that needs “digitally certified papers”. Some printers don’t work well with glossy papers/photo papers. They tend to smudge when they’re not compatible with the printer. For more information about the types of paper appropriate for the machines, you can visit Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc., your source for to wholesale printing press machines in Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY.

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