Let’s Take Some Time Off to Appreciate the Printing Press Process

Let’s Take Some Time Off to Appreciate the Printing Press Process

Every time you get hold of a reading material such as a newspaper, a magazine, or even a simple leaflet, have you bothered to ask yourself how that material comes to be?

No, we are not asking about the writing process – how the author gathers his or her data, screens the data to come up with useful information, and puts it in black and white or in digital form, (the more common mode of writing nowadays).

We are talking about the processes that are taking place in the printing shop.

5 Basic Printing Press Processes

As far as our company Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc.. is concerned, there are five basic processes that reading materials (in hard copies) go through before they hit the newsstands, bookstores and other similar outlets. These are:

  • Pre-press
  • Press
  • Post-Press
  • Bindery
  • Die cutter

These five processes have their own subprocesses, so to speak.

Pre-press, for instance, has three subprocesses. These are: computer to plate process, plate processing and plate burning.

The press proper doesn’t have any significant subprocess but it boasts of a wide array of printing machines to choose from – there’s this single color printer, a two-color variety, a three-color press, up to a ten-color monster of a machine.

If you prefer a continuous form (of paper) you can also have it here.

Post-press proves to be a hive of diverse subprocesses. You can encounter in here the collators, stitchers, those involved in numbering, perfing and scoring, tabbing, labeling, folding and cutting.

So are the bindery and die cutter.

House of Machines, Equipment and Tools

That’s the complicated route the newspaper, magazine or novel you may be holding right now undergoes before it is being enjoyed by its readers.

Each of the above processes and subprocesses has a machine or two to do the job. Just mentally calculate the number of machines, equipment and gadgets involved in producing a single newspaper.

Indeed, a printing press is a virtual house of all these equipment, not to mention the operators manning them.

You may ask now: where to get all these machines and tools?

That’s a good question. And a good question deserves a similarly good answer.

The good answer is none other than Crystal Graphic Equipment, Inc., the renowned provider of Wholesale Printing Press Machines in Plunkett St., Hollywood, FL.

From the pre-press machines down to the die cutters, we have them. Just access our website crystalgraphic.com so you will have an idea about the list of products in our inventory.

We not only sell printing press machines and equipment, we also buy them. Yes, we are into a buy and sell business of any equipment related to printing press.

If you have printing machines or tools sitting idly in your place and you intend to dispose of them, ours is the company you need to turn to.

You can keep in touch with us in either of our two offices. One is in Long Island, New York and the other in Hollywood, Florida.

If you are residing in Long Island, New York or nearby area, you can touch base with the enterprising team of Bally Mohan. Here’s their address and contact information:

150 Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY 11798 USA
Tel: 631-643-0552
Cell: 917-202-4593
Fax: 631-643-2202
Email: bally@crystalgraphic.com

If you come from Hollywood, Florida or any of its neighboring areas, the hardworking team of Chris Mohan is always ready and willing to accommodate your every concern. You can reach out to them atin the following address and contact details:

5805-B Plunkett St., Hollywood, FL 33023 USA
Cell: 407-414-7449
Tel: 631-643-0552
Fax: 631-643-2202
Email: chris@crystalgraphic.com

Are you not fluent in English language? No problem. Our associates and technicians in both offices can speak German, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. That’s our brand of customer service. We go to great lengths to attend to the needs of our non-English clientele.

Have you found our topic informative and helpful to you? Please post your comments and reactions to this blog in the space provided below.

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