The History of Printing (Part 2)

The History of Printing (Part 2)

Now that the world has seen the wonders and potential of the printing press and has begun using it, communications, literatures, religions, and politics, along with basically everything, have never been the same again.

  • Still in 1450s in Germany

    The Gutenberg Bible comes in many names. Some call it the 42-line Bible or the B42 while others dubbed it as the Mazarin Bible. What is so special about this book aside from the word “bible” (which almost all people will indubitably relate to the holy book of the Christians)?Ladies and gentlemen, this book is the first ever major book in the West that has been made in print with the use of a movable type of printing press. Even in the contemporary times, 48 copies of the book’s original edition have survived till this day.

  • 19th century

    It was in the 19th century that modern factory-produced type of printing press was introduced. We call the drawers that house the letters for printing a “job case.”Remember the “upper case” and “lower case” letters? We got these terms from this model because the capital letters are located in the drawer on top of the other letters while the “lowercase letters” are found in a drawer underneath the capital letters.

  • April 1812 in London

    The German inventor named Friedrich Gottlob Koenig was renowned for his invention of the Koenig Steam Press. Unlike the manually-operated printing press built beforehand, Koenig’s invention uses steam in order to run the presses. He also replaced the flatbed printing surface and utilized rotating cylinders.This made printing faster and to top it off, more affordable. From here on out, everybody was exhilarated to venture into this industry thus making the printing press companies more common.

  • 1976

    Fast forward to a century of innovation within the printing company, 1976 took the printing press to great height with the use of the inkjet printer. Before the mentioned year, only people with a lot of money were enjoying the resources of printing at home.

  • 1988

    This was the most momentous year in the century because ordinary households started to print in the luxury of their homes. This happened when the DeskJett inkjet printer was made public by Hewlett-Parkard.With all the innovations of the printing press, no one could ever have imagined what else we are capable of inventing. But it is during the 21st century when the world’s mind was blown away.

  • 2010

    This is the remarkable year when 3D printing or additive printing flourished and became a public knowledge.

The printing press has journeyed a lot in the past few years and it is because of businesses like our Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc. that the public can enjoy Wholesale Printing Press Machines in Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY.

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