What category does your favorite book belong?

What category does your favorite book belong?

Reading is one way of learning and books play a great role in this method of acquiring knowledge. Even before we were able to read, we have already been introduced to books.
Probably, our teachers have also characterized books in a novel way- that books will help us achieve our dreams, bring us to other dimensions, or give us the knowledge we would need to face difficulties.
Even if some of us do not love books enough because of ill memories with them, we were still forced to bring them at school or use them in many different ways. Therefore, this specific type of printed item has been part of our lives.
But not all of us know that there are actually different categories of books. Whether you are a book lover or not, Crystal Graphics Equipment Inc.. still wants you to recognize one when you see them.

1. Fiction and Non-fiction
Fiction books are those which have been written purely from the pigments of the author’s imagination. Although some parts of a fiction book are based on existent facts, they have often been elaborated to draft an entirely new story.
The complete opposite of fiction books are the non-fiction ones. Non-fiction books contain pieces of information which are products of year-long research, surveys or scholarly reports. Common examples of books falling on this type are biographies or books on social themes.

2. By Genre
Books may also be categorized depending on their genre. Since the humans’ minds are too imaginative and creative, authors were able to write books which belong to any among these genres:
– Horrors
– Thrillers
– Journals
– Diaries
– History
– Prayer
– Series
– Satire
– Encyclopedia
– Poetry
– Anthology
– Drama

3. For Children or for Adults
Children books are probably the first type of book which was introduced to us by our parents or teachers. These types of books are usually printed with photos and with minimal text because it aims to practice the young and immature perceptions of children. Most children books aim to inculcate values on young readers.
On the other hand, we also have adult books which are exclusively meant for mature audience. Adult books tackle concepts and ideas beyond the understanding of children and some are even restricted from young readers. These books are read for enrichment of not just values, but also experience and knowledge.

At the onset of technological advancements which enable us to read through our gadgets, publishing companies as well as establishments which provide printing services and even of Wholesale Printing Press Machines in Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY have feared the end of their businesses.
But as years have gone by, they have realized that there is still a large portion of the population who choose to read actual books.

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